QCOSS CEO Mark Henley and Senior Manager Policy, Advocacy and Capacity Laura Barnes discuss the theme for the 2018 QCOSS State Conference - Movement for change.


This year's conference is about movementfor change we actually want to make sureit's something that's reallyaspirational something that goes beyondsome of the conversations that we hearevery day by politicians by the mediawhich is about when they talk aboutwelfare recipients when they talk aboutasylum seekers and they talk aboutbuilding community and let's talk aboutwhat we can about creating a really goodvision and a positive frame for thefuture I guess what we know is that thestories that we tell ourselves and wetell each other about the world impactsthe future that we create the issuesconference movement for change is allabout changing those stories is abouttelling ourselves different things aboutour communities about focusing on ourstrengths not our weaknesses on focusingon the positives not the negatives onfolk on talking together about how wework together to create change andcreate the future that we all want. Ithink that's exactly what we want to dois actually talk about the good thingsthat can happen in communities and arehappening in communities let's build onthat let's take a lead on the futurelet's take a lead on what we want forour communities we work in the communityservices sector we work withincommunities let's get people who areengaged in communities let's take a leadlet's change the conversation let's makeit a much more positive one one that'sinclusive one that we want to build onsome things that's so positive thateveryone wants to be part of. And I guesswe think the time is right the time isnow if you look around in the media inthe politician and and the speech thatpoliticians give as Mark said whatwe're seeing is two different storiesemerged one is around the demonizationone is a story around dole bludgers,of refugees that are coming to steal ourjobs you know that kind of demonizationbut at the same time there's a realpositive story emerging from communitiesas people and communities are putting uptheir hands and they're saying actuallywe want to do this differently we wantto work together we want to create apositive future so it feels to us likethe time is right and 2018 is the year tostart the movement forchange that starts us on a positivetrack to work to a better future for allof us for everybody in our communities Ithink the community sector as Mark saidtoo is perfectly placed to lead thatto lead that change our our mandatesgive us good connections intocommunities our work gives us we toucheverybody in communities and thereforecan work positively together but we canonly do it together and so thisconference is about starting a sharedstory about starting a shared vision forthe future and about building someevidence as well as starting tounderstand what actions we can all takeinto the future so starting to exploreideas that actions we can take asindividuals but can also take uscommunities as service providers asgovernments and across the board andtogether work together for for changefor a more positive future. I think oneof the things that's very evident isit's not just the community servicessector that's looking for something moreaspirational in our communitiestime and time again I hear people in thebusiness sector private sector who arejust saying we actually want to take alead we're over the conversations thatwe don't have confidence in governmentpolicy generally that's happening outthere we need to take a lead and they'relooking to the community services sectorso let's take a lead on this let's leada conversation we need to take it rightacross the state we need to take it intoevery community that we possibly canacross the state and make sure that itis something that will see and drivepositive change

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