Aunty Janelle from Gundoo Daycare Centre in Cherbourg talks about the importance of early learning and getting children ready for school.

Gundoo has great educators who are getting professional development to upgrade their personal and professional skills to help Aboriginal children in Cherbourg to be deadly and to learn.


For me personally I think our community people, our young mums and dads, (are) depriving our little children of that early years learning, getting them ready for school educating them in our own centre Gundoo Daycare with our deadly Aboriginal leader, our director Jacquie and all of our other deadly educators.

I think this is a bonus for our community and I think our young mums and dads and nannas and pops are letting their children miss out on that early years of learning ready to start school and maybe they should think about sending their little ones here because we've got great educators and we're getting skilled.

We're getting professional development to upgrade ourselves personally, professionally to help our little Aboriginal children here in Cherbourg to be deadly and to learn.

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