The Creating Thriving Communities in Queensland roundtable was initiated and hosted by the Hon. Coralee O'Rourke. Minister for the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and Mark Henley, QCOSS CEO. The purpose of the roundtable was to bring people together from across Australia and Queensland to discuss the potential of place-based approaches to help build thriving communities throughout the state.


Matthew Cox:

Well, here we are Mark at the tower of power, 1 William Street.

We just had some fantastic conversation with some really smart people from around Australia and around Queensland and Mrs Coralee O'Rourke and many government offices about place-based social development strategies and I thought it was fantastic.

Mark Henley:

Oh, look I agree, there's an enormous amount of enthusiasm for the work that can come out of place-based approaches the learnings that people have and there's quite diverse learnings.

We've got so much to gain by continuing to come together and build on what's already been established in Queensland but across the country.

And yeah, looking forward to lots more work and building on it.


So, there seemed to me a real policy consensus that this is a strategy, or set of strategies that's here to stay, that has as much a place in the service system as direct service delivery and case work and all that sort of stuff.

And, I think the next step is to develop a framework for Queensland to take these ideas forward.


And I think the exciting thing is that the enthusiasm's there.

And Matthew talked about this, it's about transforming and it will be doing things differently for a lot of people doing things differently but actually being much more impactful for people and their communities. And I think particularly around the theme of creating thriving communities which is the piece that came out so often during the day.


But it seemed to question about how do make communities thrive.


Exactly, it is, that is the motivating piece.


And thanks to Mark and to QCOSS for hosting. It was a great event.

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