This year’s campaign from Reconciliation Australia highlights some of the lesser known aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, histories, cultures, and achievements, to prompt Australians to ask themselves: what are some of the things I don’t know about our shared history?

To find more about the week and what you can do to get involved, go to the Reconciliation Australia website.


Speaker 1: As an average Australian, I know a fair bit about this country.

We invented this stylish mode of transport.

We have the tastiest coat of arms in the world.


Speaker 2: There’s also a bit that you don’t know.

We’ve got the longest surviving culture on Earth.

Speaker 3: Just you average artists

Speaker 4: warriors

Speaker 5: inventors.

Speaker 6: It’s a culture that’s survived centuries of pretty average treatment.

Speaker 7: Something that one in three average Australians don’t accept.

Speaker 8: This National Reconciliation Week, don’t keep history a mystery.

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