Carol Brosi and Linda Harte from Staffing OptionS talk about their approach to the Human Services Quality Framework standards, and how you can apply this within your organisation.

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Essentially the standards are just you know, themes so it makes you look across the whole service.

If you take access for example it makes you look at everything in your organisation goes into that bucket then you can start breaking it down.

Whereas before I think for us there was a sense of all the different areas were just out there slightly disorganised but it helps you think of themes and then you can go from the beginning to the end, you can follow you processes and procedures all the way through that.

So with access you would be looking at how do people hear about your service, or you'd look at all the information that we send out, how do we make contact or how do they make contact with us. So emails, phone calls, visits, information on the web.

We looked at all of that. Was it up to date? Was it current? Was it, you know… And then you just go through, you virtually just start breaking it down into steps so at first we were just overwhelmed with that so it made us review everything in that  one bucket of information.

Complaints and grievances is another one. Same thing, how do people... first of all our policy, we revamped our policy and then we looked at how do people get information about if they want to make a complaint or they have a grievance you've got people that you're supporting, families, services and your own staff.

So we just started separating it all out, revamping, looking at the information that was given was it current, all of that, was it consistent, and then you just follow the whole process through so…

And really that's one of the best things that happened for us. You've got everything there it's just finding a way of actually theming it and the standards do that for you.

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