These stories form part of the Inclusion Ready Project's What's my Story? Digital stories of inclusion series. They aim to raise awareness about inclusion and the opportunities of the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants to support inclusion activities in communities.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is looking to fund creative, innovative, accessible and inclusive projects for people with disability in your community. CSIA is partnering with NDS to help you, your organisation and your community better understand inclusion and the related Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants.

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Allycia Staples


I love theatre and dance because when we do perform it just lights people up.


I danced since I was a little girl, like my mum would put on music and I would dance all night.


And then I was like when I grow older I want to, you know, dance with a group.


I started to find this group called The Sunshine Troupe and they are a group of people with disabilities.


We performed at C-Square. We performed at the Grand Winter Ball, at Horizon Festival.


It’s just been the best experience.


John Valente – The Jam Factory


Over the years I’ve sort of observed Allycia. She exudes enthusiasm in her performing and various things.


Allycia Staples


I kept in contact with John and he came up to me and said: “Do you want to do an internship with Jam Productions?”


I’m like “yeah!”


John Valente – The Jam Factory


Given what I’ve seen in her ability, I thought let’s give it a crack. She will get a taste of everything that the theatre has to offer. We will be able to say to Allycia, “Actually Allycia, today you’re going to do this.” And she will be able to just go and do it.


Allycia Staples


It’s a new step from me because I love watching people go backstage and now I’m in their shoes. Got to work how to do the speakers and headsets.


It’s a huge step from my drama into the management.


I’m really glad that I took the opportunity to do that.


John Valente – The Jam Factory


What I would say to other business people is that you’ll get things like the kind of loyaltly, dedication, to a higher level than you’re used to just for the sake of you spending and investing a little bit of time and extra patience.


Allycia Staples


We’re not just people with special needs like we want to have a chance in the mainstream light.


It should be about inclusiveness and respect. Inclusion is important. That’s my message.


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