Tim is a resource worker at Centacare. He gives an insight in to what it is like to work in the sector and the challenges he faces.



My name is Tim and I'm a resource worker with Centacare choices. I've been with Centacare for probably five years now. I started as a support worker, we're a part of a self-directed support team and that also encapsulates the 'my future my life' initiative which helps secondary school students with a disability transition for life after high school. What I find challenging about working in sector is probably why I like working in the sector, as well you know. You're dealing with real people with real problems so that can have a lot of stressful situations and trying to find solutions for those situations cannot always be easy. Because of dealing with individualised funding and we want to find solutions to issues I guess you have to work within the parameters are given by the department so if someone comes to me with a solution I also have to make a decision, is that in there, within the guidelines and what not of how that funding can be spent. As long as you present families with alternative solutions that would fit within the guideline it works. I think because I started as a support worker that was a great benefit to me of being you know, being in that as a frontline worker, it kind of got me to know what families want and what they need. In terms of giving advice just listening to people and rather than trying to direct and, inform them of what to do trying to facilitate we kind of would rather you know, find the best suit for them for their needs I love working in the community services sector because it's not that corporate structure of kind of working for the man, or at least, the team and culture that I work with, you're working with people in their best interest and you know you're trying to help people and support them.

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