QCOSS is the peak body for community service organisations and our vision is to eliminate poverty and disadvantage in Queensland. I'm Karen Murphy and I'm the Senior Manager of Communication at QCOSS, the Queensland Council of Social Service. My role is to look after all of the externally facing communication for QCOSS so that includes publications, media, websites, as well as membership and events so it's a fairly broad role.

There's not really any such thing as a typical day it's quite varied which is good there's never a dull moment that's for sure. What it mainly involves is looking at what we're trying to achieve and how our messaging is working for us to do that so whether it's messages that we're sending out via emails or the way we're talking to our members or perhaps if we need to put out a media release to do something. So, I guess looking at all of the channels that we've got and how we can use them to achieve our vision. So, I've always I guess had a bit of a bed for social justice.

I had a dream when I was at uni to work for the UN and I guess I always thought it would be in a sort of a support role in terms of communication or public relations that sort of thing. The communication advice that I'm doing is about making communities or places better for people and so that's led me to QCOSS.

I think it's challenging because change in the sector or I guess change in terms of reducing poverty is slow, it's not something that will happen overnight it's something that we need to keep working at and I think sometimes when you don't see change instantly in this instantaneous world you get a little bit disheartened but it's about I guess managing your expectations in keeping your eye on the future.

I think what's rewarding is that you're working for a sector where people share your values, the idea that we're all working for the greater good is something that I find very rewarding.

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