On 16 June 2017 members of the community service sector heard first-hand the impact the budget would have on Queenslanders experiencing poverty and disadvantage from the Hon Curtis Pitt MP, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment at the QCOSS State Budget Breakfast.

Mr Pitt was also joined by a panel of speakers for a more in-depth discussion about the 2017/18 Queensland State Budget. Panel members were Professor Anne Tiernanfrom the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University; Anita Veivers, Executive Director of Centacare Cairns; and Mark Henley CEO of QCOSS.


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Treasurer Curtis Pitt: It has been a better way to boost business confidence. 


Attendee 1: A really great opportunity to hear the treasurer present his budget. I really enjoyed the discussion. 


Attendee 2: Fantastic food and a really great opportunity to hear what the government has got to say about it's social policy. 


QCOSS CEO Mark Henley: Overall we were happy with the budget, as far as budgets go. 


Professor Anne Tiernan: There is some great collaboration that is evolving between universities, places, government. 


Attendee 3: Lovely to hear the cross-government engagement around the budget. 


Attendee 4: It was an excellent and thought provoking session. 


Attendee 5: Directly to the Treasurer: I just wonder what contingencies the State Government has. 


Attendee 6: A fantastic opportunity to network, to talk about projects we're working on. 


Attendee 7: These are always great events to able to get together as a sector, to hear what the government is doing around their budget. Another great breakfast as always from QCOSS so thanks. 


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