Leading change together will be held on 12 and 13 September 2019 in sunny Caloundra.

To find out more or register to attend the event, please visit www.leadingchangetogether.org.



The place to begin is always with the people around you. So we all live in communities. There's people in those communities who want to engage.

Sometimes it is about just talking on an individual level first, and listening and hearing, but then I think it is about coming together. The community engagement - the talking about. And where you find that you're not the only one, you know, that there are other people that feel the same.


I know back home we’ve fought the fight, and we've achieved some big goals early. So if I can transfer some of that energy to here, to the people I'm working with, that’s an achievement – that’s the legacy I’ll leave behind.

We’re all novices in the work that we were doing, and we've had a beautiful response from community, and we just wanted to share that. The exchange of what happens when you and I know one another – resilience: we can do this. That comes actually when people are emotionally and personally inspired, and woken up.

I really think we are trying to make a shift here to working alongside people in their relationships to make the changes they want to make, and trusting that will make a stronger society.


I'm really positive that we'll be able to flip the way we talk about things, and empower the people that we're talking about by talking about them positively.

Because in your job sometimes you can't be seen as vulnerable, it seems, but in community that's actually okay. Yeah. Feels good.


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