A joint QCOSS and PeakCare one-day workshop will explore the many aspects of cultural inclusion in a community service setting on 15 February.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the strengths of culturally diverse communities and how to appropriately include people from different cultures into your workplace and service delivery. To join the event register here.

QCOSS Senior Policy Research Officer and workshop facilitator Dr Kamil Shah gives us a snapshot of what is on offer.


One of the things that we definitely want to make sure people take home is clear messages both about the importance of multiculturalism in a community but beyond that importance of inclusion and how we can make that happen. Getting clearer insight and knowledge and awareness about the enablers and barriers to inclusion for cultural and linguistically diverse populations is fundamental.

Beyond that, understanding how each organisation can become more inclusive so what we've got planned this is a series of speakers and activities. The morning we'll have discussion around the strengths and importance of multiculturalism in our community beyond that will work really closely on how we can effectively engage and work with interpreters in order to increase access to services. In the afternoon we’ll be running a number of concurrent sessions, those concurrent sessions will speak to the enablers and barriers to inclusion across a variety of sectors.

So the day really is fundamentally about how we as a service sector, across a number of sectors, can become more culturally inclusive, what needs to be done, what are the barriers, enablers, to access faced by culturally and linguistically diverse populations in our communities and how vitally important it is that we actually take action, change our practice, improve our practice, so as to make sure that our services are accessible by culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

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