With guidance from the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network (ICAN), Jackie got off the rental roundabout with a no interest loan from Good Shepherd Microfinance. 


My name is Jackie, I live in Cairns. I'm a single mum of six children, aged between 22 and four. I also have a two-year-old grandson.

I needed a fridge and I needed one really quick. I had a new baby, so you know that was really hard, and I ended up renting a fridge through a rental company. And after a while it broke.

Life consumes you and having children, and especially just having a baby, I foolishly never checked.

I soon found out that I had paid for the fridge pretty much three times over, you know, what it's worth.

One day I just felt so desperate I remember sitting there and I was just going through the phonebook and I'm thinking there's got to be someone that can help me.

I saw the NILS loan and I thought, you know, I wonder if I can do this.

I rang them and I made an appointment. My NILS loans that I got was life-changing for me because I was at a low point.

You only pay what the item is worth, if you know, that's why it's a no interest loan because there's no interest. You're only paying for what the item is worth.

It's all laid out for you in ways that you can understand it. You don't feel silly like if anything you feel more empowered.

I felt very proud that I owned a fridge and washing machine that were brand new. And it wasn't just about that it was I felt proud of myself that I was able to go and ask for help.

It's good to know that you can do something for yourself and you've got people that are going to back you up. It's almost like as if somebody has got your back.

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