Part two 'Organised Chaos - keeping on top of the processes'

How did I get to be here? Did leadership find me, or did I find it?  If you had always planned to get to this place, what were the things you did to prepare yourself? If leadership just happened to find you, what were the circumstances that lead to it?  Have you ever given much thought to how your leadership journey influences how you fulfil the role and how others respond to you?

These sessions gave students the opportunity to ponder the ways they work and what it will take for them to lead their team in a way that gives everyone an opportunity to grow. These sessions were created to support leaders in early childhood settings, particularly in a rural or remote community where workforce and workplace challenges are unique and complex and offer reflective discussions and practical tools that would be able to be used straight away.

Part two focused on some tangible tools for:

  • induction processes
  • creating individual development plans and study plans, and;
  • ways to keep on top of the policy and QIP cycle


Transcipt to come...

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