The Undoonoo Child care Centre is located in the town of Woorabinda.  Woorabinda is located in Central Queensland, 170 km south west of Rockhampton.  Woorabinda is situated on the traditional lands of the Wadja Wadja/Yungulu Aboriginal people. The Council area covers 391.2km2.

In this video, Roya Yeganeh from the Queensland Council of Social Service talks to Shannon and Nyarula from Undoonoo Childcare Centre who took Roya on a tour of the center. The Queensland Council of Social Service assists with the professional development of educators of child care centres in remote communities through the Indigenous Professional Support Program.


Nyarula: At our childcare centre we have four rooms, we have the pre-prep room, toddlers room, nursery and mixed room. So this way is our pre-prep room.

Shannon: This is our pre-prep room, this is our routine for throughout the day, we've got photos on display of what the kids have been doing for parents to see. Yeah if you want to come in.

Shannon: Through this way here we have the toddlers room, if you want to come this way with me. This is the toddlers room, as you can see it's a pretty small room but it's bearable. We did a theme of under the sea.

Nyarula: Every room has a cultural corner, because we believe that you belong here somewhereand who you are is strong so in this room the ladies have put a big tree up here and then boomerangs. We've got mats here showing different artwork. So the ladies here put a little blanket down so the children can sit down and read stories with them. And just seeing their faces up, you know little photos of them on the tree is that family connection.

Nyarula: So our nursery room, I don't know how, is it too dark? This area here is where the children play and this other part is where the cots, where all the children sleep. We have this corner here for nurturing, it's for the babies and through this way is our nappy change area that connects up to the mixed room. We've got the cultural corner just over this side.

Nyarula: This area is for mixed room, nursery and toddlers, because we only have one sandpit on this side they actually change days to take it in turns of sandpit day or out in the playground, out the front part as we'll see as we come through. 

Shannon: This is the pre-prep area, in the afternoon sometimes we get a couple of older kids from the mixed room who come up and join the pre-prep. They used to use over there, under the platform for a cubby house, so I thought, oh why not just come over here. They really like it.

Roya: Tell us a little bit about this lovely garden.

Nyarula: We started this garden just to give an environment of relaxation for the children and also for the educators and parents as well, to teach the children how to grow plants. We've got a herb little garden as well as flowers, just to show them about fresh food and help their food choices. It's a nice area just to have a cup of tea on your break.

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